Should I tip my Sitter?

Tipping is never required, but always appreciated!

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is a $10.00 cancellation fee for confirmed bookings. If your booking has not been assigned to a Sitter (pending), there is no cancellation fee.

If I reserve a sitter for an amount of hours and arrive home early, am I required to pay the sitter for the full amount of time scheduled?

We ask that you compensate your Sitter the agreed upon rate per hour for the full amount of time scheduled. 

Why do you need my credit card when I register?

You card is kept securely on file in our system to make each booking seamless with no need to re-enter payment each time. Nothing is ever charged without your permission. You can change the credit card on file at any time.

When am I charged the booking fee? 

The booking fee is charged upon check out on the day of your request.

How is the rate per hour established with my Sitter?

When booking a Sitter through the app, you can choose the rate per hour that you’d like to pay on the “special considerations” page. If you list a specific rate range for your job, a Sitter will confirm within that range. We will always match you with a sitter within the budget you choose! Once you sitter is confirmed, they will message you confirming their rate per hour.

How do I pay my sitter?

At the end of your booking, you can pay your sitter directly in cash, Venmo, check or we can invoice you for the time.

My Booking Says Pending, What does that mean?

“Pending” status means that East River Sitters has received your booking and that our team is actively working to find a sitter for your request! When a sitter is assigned, the booking status will change to “confirmed.”

When I submit a booking, am I guaranteed a sitter?

Our booking team works 24/7 to match requests with exceptional East River Sitters. However, we cannot guarantee that each request will be filled based on local sitter availability. Please call us anytime to check on your request!

Can you accommodate last minute bookings?

Yes! Requests submitted within 24 hours of the start time are an additional $5.00

Is there a minimum amount of time required to book a Southern Sitter?

There is a 1 hour minimum amount of time required to book an East River Sitter.

Will I have access to information about my sitter before she babysits?

Yes! When your request is matched by a booking team member, you will have access to your Southern Sitters’ full bio, rate per hour, certification list, and phone number. 

Can I talk to my sitter before she arrives to babysit?

For Sure! All East River Sitters will send a confirmation text message immediately upon accepting your babysitting job. You can also access your sitter’s phone number at any time prior to your request in your app by clicking on your booking. If you’d like a phone consultation before your childcare date, simply select the “consultation call” option when booking for no additional fee. Your sitter will schedule a time to chat with you before the date over the phone!

How do you match me with a sitter?

Our matching is NEVER done by a computer! We assist in matching you with an exceptional babysitter. All matches are overseen to ensure that you are placed with a sitter that meets your family’s personal request and requirements.